domingo, 20 de fevereiro de 2011

"where i am from" from my english class.

I’m from my mom when she was in a country where she couldn’t speak the language.
I’m from a family who has lunch together in my grandparent’s house every Sunday and have fun.
I’m from a family who my grandfather tells long stories and everyone knows he is exaggerating or lying sometimes, but everyone listens and doesn’t complain.
I’m from a city where it is summer all year and everyone goes to the beach every Sunday and spends the day.
I’m from a country when the national soccer team is playing in the world cup, all country stop to watch; banks, schools, work are closed.
I’m from having new experiences, meeting new people, visiting new places, learning a new language.
I’m from learning with life, learning how to solve problems by myself, going to live with a family I didn’t know before came to U.S, going to a school I didn’t have any idea who anyone was where I had to try to make friends.
I’m from missing my family, friends, life, having to learn how to survive with this when I’m 17 and enjoy the year.
I’m from after the bad moments always having good moments and learning from mistakes.
I’m from a school where we have 12 subjects and have to study 4 hours every day after school to pass.
I’m from a school where they don’t care about sports, just focus in pass to college.
I’m from a big city now I’m from Alton, NH.

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